Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vatican confirms it is offering the SSPX a personal prelature
You know what I’d like: let’s be under Cardinal Fellay

I’m in the official church, which is so big and I keep a low enough profile (I show up for Mass but don’t get involved) that we pretty much leave each other alone, but...

Like with the SSPX I acknowledge the good that EWTN does. (I have my Mass thanks to Archbishop Lefebvre.) But I’m not an EWTN fan (it’s just not good television). This article reminds me why.

The SSPX believes everything in Catholic doctrine. Vatican II didn’t define doctrine. The SSPX is not outside the church.

Bad writing: it doesn’t tell you the SSPX’s argument is with religious liberty and ecumenism (both of which I’m fine with, in a strict-constructionist way that squares with doctrine) and it doesn’t tell the uninitiated what the Novus Ordo Missæ is.

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