Friday, July 27, 2012

Why I’m not in the ordinariate
Besides generally not needing it here, being blessed with a wonderful parish both Tridentine and high-church; I’m not a married man looking to be (re-)ordained nor do I have a jones for the Prayer Book on Sunday.
Much of the institutional church sucks eggs. (If you’re tuning in here for the first time, you’ll notice this isn’t EWTN.) I’ve learned from my own experience, from non-churchgoing Italian-Americans, from a quip by Monsignor Ronald Knox (a passenger aboard a ship doesn’t hang around in the engine room) and from an older gentleman, a convert to Orthodoxy, who said, after bouncing from parish to parish, from now on he’ll go to Liturgy (Mass) on Sundays but otherwise won’t get involved in the personalities and politics of running the places (‘I’ll go but I won’t join’). Exactly. I’m signed up, go to Mass and put my envelope in the basket, keeping the commandment and the precept of the church. I go to coffee hour, which we have once a month. That’s it.

The church: sinless in itself (the infallible teaching office, and the grace of the sacraments: our holy mother the church) but of course made up of sinful people. Best for most layfolk not to get too close to the institutional machinery (Italians have been in the church since the Caesars; they know this very well) lest its gears chew you up.

Got the traditional Mass, the office, the rosary and the catechism. Beyond that I don’t care what Steenson thinks.

I knew the Brits weren’t interested in trad practice but I had hopes for the American ordinariate (the American way: Tridentine ceremonial, Prayer Book texts): witness Mount Calvary, Baltimore. (American Missal used by a wing of trads. Pope Benedict can make it happen.) Still hope to take a trip there one Sunday.

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