Friday, August 31, 2012

A woman from the left on Mormonism
My headline tells you her bias. An ex-Mormon who inadvertently makes a case for Catholicism and against mainline Protestantism. The presidential religion shouldn’t matter thanks to the First Amendment. So no attacks on Romney’s person from me. There’s much to like about him personally, the reasons the left hates him (or pretends to: if they’re as smart as they think they are, they know nothing will change under him, which is why I won’t vote for him). Mormonism is really so radical – not Christian – that, reacting to persecution (which violated the First Amendment), they compromised on polygamy and rebranded themselves as super-respectable back when the mainstream American society they came from was sane. Thus a squeaky-clean ’50s image for the left to make fun of: normality.

That said:
Mormons are basing it on doctrine that can be renewed all the time, whatever the current prophet – the president of the Church – says. Yes, he receives prophecies from God, I don’t know, maybe on a daily basis. LDS General Conference comes twice a year, and whatever he says is the new doctrine.
Just like Christian denominations of other ethnic WASPs. Doctrine is fungible by decree or, today, convention vote.

Non-Catholics often think that’s how the church works. But even the Pope can’t change doctrine.

I’ve known only one Mormon and he was an ex-one when I knew him. He said growing up in it was just like a Protestant Sunday School until his teens when they started teaching the strange stuff.

Especially in situations like this campaign, they like to pass themselves off as a Christian denomination, easy because they come from our culture. But Islam is actually closer to us than they are: Muslims believe in one God for example.
I’ve never met a Mormon man who has any real respect for women. First of all, if you’re a Mormon man, then you believe you’re going to have multiple wives in the afterlife. So, even though he’s not acting on the will of God at this point in time here, on earth, to have many wives, a Mormon will tell you that this will be a commandment again definitely in the afterlife. To Mormons, life on earth is just a twinkling of an instant in the rest of your life. If you’re a good Mormon, you can go on to become a god and have your own planet and worshippers. So, there’s no basis to really and truly love and respect your wife because there’s going to be another, or many more, in the afterlife.
Sounds like the part of fallen human nature Roissy maps out and lefties like this lady most likely deny; in other words, minus the religion and the natural procreation, not much different from how many people in their prime now date. Feminism and government handouts -> women think they don’t individually need beta provider men = they’re happy to share an alpha. (Roissy: why, feminist claptrap notwithstanding, smart SWPL girls are more likely to go for players. Also, many women are getting money from the beta providers and everybody else, through taxes etc. – the handouts – which is of course unsustainable in the long run.) Just like the fundamentalist Mormon sects: social Darwinism, or the top dogs help themselves to the girls, including taking weaker men’s wives as punishment, and kick out the excess boys.

Romney’s an alpha; women will vote for him. They vote for the handsome candidate who’d make a good husband. (The God-given natural order.) Another reason he’ll be president.

P.S. Mark Shea has him pegged on abortion: ‘I’ll kill anybody who gets in the way of my acquiring power.’ Conning the so-cons is Republican 101. Still, I don’t hate my brethren who are saying ‘better a jerk who doesn’t care about us than one who hates us’ (Obama’s open war on the church). But I’m not supporting him.

From RR.

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