Friday, August 10, 2012

Combox miscellany
  • ‘Happy Days.’ I agree with most: the show was good its first year, a recognizable American Graffiti cash-in in practice (though it actually pre-dated the movie), set realistically about 18 years in the past, then Garry Marshall’s laziness or incompetence, Fonziemania, ‘filmed before a studio audience’ (destroying the realistic ’50s look of the Cunninghams’ house) and, my guess, the stars getting full of themselves so they no longer bothered to look like they lived in the ’50s ruined it. Rule of thumb: if Bill Haley is playing over the opening credits, like the movie, it’s watchable; otherwise forget it unless you want to see a train wreck.
  • ELCA still owns ‘Davey and Goliath’. That sweet stop-motion animated puppet show from the golden era when the high mainline was different, at least on the surface. (Of course I like the semi-Catholic, non-mainline conservative Lutheran denominations; the LCMS for example.) If they make a computer one pushing gay marriage, ‘I’m outta here’.
  • An idea I’ve picked up over the years is that much of the modern left (PC, SWPLs) is a ripoff of Christianity, its ethics knocked off their foundation in theology, in Christ himself: ‘a Christian heresy’. Some say there’d be no modern left if not for Christianity; I think I agree. Paganism on the other hand reflects the God-given natural order, reality, but in its fallen state, in all its cruelty. Whether his tone is a put-on or not, Roissy’s deep conservatism is like that. Sure, what he’s saying here is un-Christian if taken too far but his point, fine with Christianity, is modernity/Modernism distorts the Christian ethics of humility and peace, emasculating them and thus trying to emasculate us, to society’s detriment (and by the way making women sadder in the long run). Pacifism’s semi-fashionable but wrong (and even the left doesn’t really believe in it: they love wars to force their ‘religion’ on the world) and Jesus chasing the moneychangers out of the temple was no wimp. You might remember how the radical chic turned on a dime from lisping about love and peace to cheering for the Vietnamese Communists and Black Panthers; they didn’t want peace; they wanted the other side to win. (At least that was a fashionable pose: they wanted to keep partying at school or slumming on Daddy’s dime.)
  • More than you wanted to know: 450 years of Anglican liturgics in less than a minute. Under King Edward VI right after Henry VIII died, the altars finally were taken down and they had a table put longways in the chancel between the choir stalls, perpendicular to the way the altar was, so yes, church in the round in the old chancel when they had Communion. In the 1600s under the slightly catholicizing Charles I the tables were put where the old altars were, and altar rails put in, but the minister celebrated standing on one side of it facing sideways. In the 1700s the pulpit was front and center with the table below it. The Anglo-Catholic movement in the late 1800s had some ministers celebrating facing the altar like traditional Catholic priests, which was controversial among Anglicans at the time. Then in the late 1900s, ironically, in an ecumenical mood, copying the Catholic Church, they started doing freestanding/facing the people. You could always do the Tridentine Mass facing the people; few did. You may do the Novus Ordo ‘facing east’; a few more are now. Yes, what the Modernists did 40 years ago with ‘facing the people’ parallels the ‘Reformation’. What’s funny is the Catholic libs usually don’t follow their theology and become Episcopalians not only because of ethnic and class loyalty but because, although the Episcopal Church is our opponent in the theology and culture wars, it’s often our ally in the worship war. To the libs, they worship too much like we do!
  • The Old Catholics real and fake are like Episcopalians but with pretend parishes and more likely to be ex-Catholics. If they really were the continuation of the true Catholic Church it would be obvious, with parishes, schools and charities all over the world, not a European rump sect or American wannabe priests.
  • Nobody wants Timeline. If Facebook keeps this up, in two years it’ll be MySpace.
  • ‘Alice.’ The movie was better with Diane Ladd as a sexy Flo trading ribald banter with Mel. The show was dumb with musical numbers for Linda Lavin to audition for her next Broadway show.
  • Naughty Kermit. Funny. I knew Kermit didn’t want Miss Piggy; wrong species and all. But he’s the richest frog in the world so almost any available lady frog is his for the asking. So what’s wrong? Maybe he needs to learn frog game.

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