Friday, August 10, 2012

From Hilary
She’s Canadian, the good kind that likes things like the Red Ensign. The English looks of a Jane Austen character but the fighting spirit of a hockey player, eh? (Don’t mess with this chick. Like a lady George Rutler she could probably kick your ass in verbal volleyball.)
  • From Joffre the Giant: homosexuality among Christians: not a gift, but a deep wound. Reminds me of the best of Huw and the best of pre-Gordon Reid St Clement’s, most of which is (back) in the church where it belongs: ‘I’m Catholic (Huw’s Orthodox). I’m gay. But don’t call me a gay Catholic.’
  • Feminism is bad for people. And I think there’s a big something missing in the whole discussion. Women are not going to believe this until men tell them. It’s part of our nature. We need to be guided and protected by men, and as long as men don’t tell women that feminism is bad, and doing bad things to them, they will keep hurting themselves, and men and children and the whole world with it. Women are not constitutionally disposed to believe other women. Men need to say it. Use your authority, given by God, and tell us the truth.
  • True story from France: men in plate armor rob Renaissance Fair. I’ve been to Pa.’s twice and like it; a Gothic ceramic detail bought there is over a door at home. Contrary to movies and TV, England is not pre-modern but the best of that fair reminds me a little of the best of it like it’s meant to. A lot of what the fairs celebrate is really medieval and Catholic, not Renaissance.
  • Sara, a pretty 20-year-old Finn who loves ’50s vintage and retro.

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