Thursday, August 09, 2012

From Mark Shea
  • Is Penn State’s disgraced ex-prez working for the feds? Doesn’t that make you feel safe? More from the play ‘blame the famous dead guy, then pretend it never happened’.
  • Catholic but mentally ill. A man bears his cross. The thing about mental illness is that it is illness. Like all illness, it does not constitute a judgment from God or a declaration of moral turpitude. To be mentally ill is to struggle with a cross, not to invite advice and catcalls and improving advice from tongue cluckers and Job’s Comforters. St. Benedict Joseph Labré was mentally ill and would have been indistinguishable from many of the people in our homeless population today. He was also a saint. You get to be a saint, not by being a Shiny Happy Person, but by offering whatever you’ve got – including a malfunctioning brain if that’s your lot – to God.

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