Sunday, August 05, 2012

Harold B. Estes
A late retired master chief boatswain’s mate and WWII vet who at 95 famously wrote a letter, new to me, criticizing Obama.

There are two ways of looking at this, the facts (face value) and the underlying culture war (the war on old Christian white men).

Of course an old-school value is respecting your elders but I can dispute most of his examples; that is, the hateful left like a stopped clock is sometimes right. For example, in a big way regarding what caused 9/11. Another WWII vet, Tony Bennett, who just celebrated a birthday, saw the truth and said so. We didn’t live up to our ideals, we were arrogant (and still are), and we paid for it, which I understood that morning as soon as I realized a Cessna didn’t crash into the World Trade Center accidentally. In other words Jeremiah Wright, quoting somebody, was dead right about the chickens coming home to roost.

That said, the big picture here is, as some observers have written, the right’s loyalties are personal and local; the left goes for abstractions and thinks family ties and patriotism are corny (loving humanity and hating real people). Put simply, unlike the multiculti snobs, Chief Estes loved his people and country like a normal person.

He got things wrong but his heart was in the right place. I would have rather had a beer with this master chief than with the commander-in-chief.


  1. Anonymous1:24 pm

    Hi, I'm David Starkey & I'm part of the 47%.
    Even though I had an undiagnosed, untreated clinical depression AND ADHD, I made it through public school, 4 years in the Navy, a college degree & 25 years of work. I PAID for my disability & I SERVED for my V A Medical. Those are NOT ENTITLEMENTS!
    Entitled is: "I'm rich & shouldn't have to pay my fair share."
    Or, "Nobody helped me [a lie], why should I help others?"
    Makes me think of something somebody once said about a camel & the eye of a needle.
    You should also know that I'm part of the 71% - the consumers.
    And, I'm also part of the 98-99% that did NOT make out like a bandit for the last thirty years & is now complaining about a proposed "redistribution of wealth". The redistribution has already happened & it's one of the main reasons for the economic train wreck that were still getting out of.
    I will be voting for the man who prevented the 2nd Great Depression, saved the U. S. Auto Industry & GOT BIN LADEN. I'll vote for the man who wants to continue filling
    in the hole & not dig it deeper like his predecessor. I'm for the man who understands that if you do bad things to 71% of the economy, the economy doesn't get better. I'm for
    the man who doesn't consider me, you, or anybody else leeches, sponges, victims, or entitled. I'M FOR GIVING BARACK OBAMA ANOTHER 4 YEARS TO FINISH CLEANING UP THE MESS THE REPUBLICANS MADE & AGAINST GIVING THEM A CHANCE TO MAKE IT WORSE.
    Thanks for your time.
    David Starkey - Veteran - Dallas, TX

  2. Well, what do you now. The Conservative Blog for Peace has become a platform for political bushwaa . . . I mean . . . propaganda!

    Jim C.


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