Saturday, August 04, 2012

Penn State again
Takimag’s Paul Gottfried

My and the Anti-Gnostic’s points again: a college football program is not by nature set up to supervise a children’s charity, for example to stop homosexuals from abusing it; it plays football! Thanks to the worship of football and the money it makes, Paterno was God in State College; with all that power, he could have stopped Sandusky with one phone call. The truth is, so taking down the statue and name, heavily fining the school and cutting back the program are right. Rewriting history is not (again, truth is; another man, who doesn’t deserve it, is claimed to be the winningest coach). This revisionism may be sinister, a way to keep the problem at the bottom of this intact: the lucrative cult of football. Blame Paterno and throw him down the memory hole, and in three years after the sanctions are lifted, pretend none of it happened; business as usual. I think that’s Penn State’s playbook.

Gottfried points out a culture-wars reason why, even though I don’t even follow football, I believed the best about Paterno and at first defended him, and what’s fuelling the backlash:
This hatred against Paterno has a political side which we in Pennsylvania have recognized for years. The left profoundly hated Paterno.
The left of course gets a free pass (Chappaquiddick).
It is more profitable to attack a dead, old-fashioned ethnic Catholic who went too far in shielding a family friend.

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