Saturday, August 04, 2012

Phoenixville and Mont Clare, Pa.

St Michael’s Greek Catholic Church, very Russian-looking.

An option if I lived nearby.

The 1930s schism from it is over the bridge.

These parishes are at least a serviceable refuge from the worst of novusordism. Conservative and trad refugee Roman Riters have kept some of them open over the past 40 years. The ethnic base is slowly dying out. Sometimes the refugees Ortho-fy liturgically, which is what Rome tells Greek Catholics to be like but they often aren’t. (I’m fine with latinizations when they’re old and they don’t take over.) As ethnic parishes, they have a touch of the down-home/grassroots traditionalism of their literal cousins among the Orthodox.

Novusordism is better now under Pope Benedict (corrected English text) but old liberal parishes aren’t going away soon enough.

(For newcomers: Greek refers to the Greek Rite they got from the Orthodox. Most Greek Catholics are the Russians’ cousins the western Ukrainians and Ruthenians, not Greeks, who are nominally Orthodox. The rest of the Ukraine is secular or Russian Orthodox.)


Where The Blob was filmed.

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