Monday, August 13, 2012

The bishops, Paul Ryan and the budget
From Mark in Spokane. Meh. An establishment conservative picked his own kind. Doesn’t change my non-vote (which would turn into a Gary Johnson vote in the unlikely event enough people wise up so he surges). I don’t care that he’s Catholic nor do I think he’s an election-changer. I know we Ron Paul supporters don’t matter. In numbers enough to make a difference, the sound Catholics are already voting for Romney, just like white evangelicals, thanks in part to Obama’s HHS war on the church and to gay marriage. Better a jerk who doesn’t care about you than one who hates you. Romney’s just rallying folks the GOP knows are already theirs. The remaining white ethnics big on their worker-union-Dem heritage and intellectuals big on Catholic Social Teaching™ (democratic socialists and third-wayers: sanctified welfare state but one that’s for peace and against abortion) will still (hold their noses and) vote for the Big Zero because of humanitarian good intentions (outweighing the evil, they’ll theologize). (Hispanics are apolitical; they don’t vote, but when they do it’s D. Blacks: 12% of the population; many don’t vote; 95% of those votes are for Obama, a given.) The notion of a Randian Ryan is only fun to p*ss off the left including the Catholic left, such as it is. Nothing has changed.

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