Friday, August 31, 2012

The church: truth in labeling
Many Catholics in “good standing” are flat-out heretics. I call them “liberals” and “progressives” because it just seems a lot nicer than calling them “heretics”, and I try to be a nice guy. I call orthodox Catholics “conservatives” and “traditionalists” because “orthodox” sounds too much like a boast. Would the well-intentioned folks who eschew labels prefer we return to calling heretics heretics? Somehow I don’t think that’s what they’re after.
Jeff Culbreath

Refine that by mentioning Bad Catholics. The church is big and by nature not a micromanaging cult. There are lots of ignorant and otherwise Bad Catholics not in a position to hurt anyone. The church leaves them alone. It calls heretics those in a position of power and trust and who know better. Otherwise the difference is Bad Catholics like the devout know the church by nature is unchangeable in its essentials so they don’t waste their time trying to change it. No so heretics. Excommunicate Hans Küng, Kathleen Sebelius and those dopey old nuns (so few now nobody’d notice they were gone) to make examples of them, not your strange aunt.

Also I don’t call them progressives because their error’s not progress.

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