Saturday, September 08, 2012

Catholic bad sign of the times
Vatican II self-destruction + revenge for the priestly underage gay sex scandal (another thing the institutional church brought on itself by not following church teaching) + growing secularism in the larger culture = white ethnic cultural Catholicism is dying, and the depression. Our financially strapped archdiocese is selling the cardinal’s mansion (the archbishop happens not to be a cardinal right now) to the private Catholic college next to it (basically a commuter and business school; I imagine what religion it has is awful, as it’s run by an old religious order). By the way, on the other side of the mansion is a beautiful little convent of semi-traditional nuns, originally refugees from the ’20s Mexican civil war.

People used to call the archdiocese ‘conservative’ but it wasn’t, just complacent and parochial, coasting on autopilot, living off the huge cultural capital it earned before the council.

Of course I’m thankful that, thanks to the reigning Pope, I have a restored corner of it to go to.

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