Friday, September 28, 2012

Cracked on psychology; LRC and RR with the news

Today’s links
  • From Cracked: Why it’s hard to change your habits.
  • From LRC: When the US regime collapses, what are the chances for something better?
  • From RR: Is Gary Johnson good enough? If he had a chance I’d vote for him. I’ll stay home again.
  • From Ad Orientem: Income is growing much faster in Republican-leaning “red states” than in Democratic-tilting “blue states” or the pivotal swing states that will decide the 2012 presidential election, a USA TODAY analysis finds.
  • Some Germans hint at gold standard.
  • From Taylor Marshall: Why the church is better off without state interference. In the 19th century, Germany seized Catholic property. To compensate the Church for this, the German state agreed to collect a “church tax” for the Catholics and dole it out to the bishops. This is where the problem begins. When Protestant Prussia led the creation of ‘Germany’ in 1871. Liechtenstein and San Marino are holdouts from before there were a Germany and an Italy. (Garibaldi let San Marino stay nominally independent to thank them for letting him hide there.) I understand that somehow the liberal bishops have been using the church tax to get their way.
  • An LCMS pastor’s patristic quotes on Mary. Understandably the editing has a slightly Protestant tone but it’s grounding and perspective, the way the gospel at Mass in the Common of the BVM ironically seems to downplay showy Marian piety.
  • From Takimag: 10 things most people like that Gavin McInnes hates. I agree except for 7, 9 and half of 10.
  • From Steve Sailer: Disparate impact for thee, not for me.
  • FDNY passes La Griffe 101.
  • From T1:9: Abstracted from reality. France takes leave of the human race by striking the words ‘mother’ and ‘father’ from official documents. Sounds like people who will end up minority dhimmi under unpleasant people who at least still acknowledge reality in that regard.
  • From WWWW: Why are Catholics still voting for Democrats? More. Elementary as Holmes said. For all that some bishops rightly talk and write about intrinsic moral evil and war on religious liberty, they’re bucking strong currents, some from the church’s own history, some from the larger culture. You have Catholic Social Teaching™ from European Christian Democrats rightward (Bishop Williamson doesn’t like capitalism): a sanctified welfare state that’s for peace and family values (including being against abortion). You have the immigrant worker experience of ward politics and unions. (The good old socially and theologically conservative but politically left-leaning white Catholics of American history, the Reagan Democrats.) So the American bishops have long bought into the system, which never really liked the church and has turned on it. With the best intentions they wanted nationalized health care as far back as 1919. (There’s the amnesia about the founding of parochial schools, to get kids away from the protestantizing government, then ever after trying to get government subsidies for them.) Throw in Vatican II cultural self-destruction, that many Catholics are poorly catechized (always so?) so the bishops’ objections don’t mean anything to them, and the big gravitational pull of the larger culture’s peer-pressure liberalism, which like CST is trying to be charitable but unlike CST is anti-family values and not really for peace. White Catholicism is dying. Our numbers are up because of Mexican immigration but they’re largely apolitical, which might be good, not buying into the system, but they do: when they rarely vote, they vote D out of understandable self-interest. The religious across the board vote R more but the self-consciously orthodox are a minority of Catholics and voting R has its own problems (warmongering and the liberal Rockefeller Rs are really pro-abortion too; the Ds are hawks too but get away with it, with compliant media).