Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Explaining Mormonism
It comes down to their beliefs that there are many gods (but they worship only one per planet) and those gods are finite. They’re not Christian but have long passed as Christian because they come from our culture. (We actually have more in common theologically with the Muslims, who like us believe in one, infinite God.) They were harassed in the 1800s for being radical; now liberal snobs hate them for being conservative. I’ve quoted that they reacted to persecution by blending into American society when it was still very good; the liberals hate that normality. A commenter here further explained Mormons eventually settled in a very conservative heartland part of America (‘flyover country’). The presidential religion shouldn’t matter thanks to the First Amendment but of course it’s good to understand the next president’s faith. (Conservative image notwithstanding, they don’t care about abortion.)

I understand Mormons have a big place in the federal government – the FBI, the CIA – that Irish Catholic cops had in J. Edgar Hoover’s day.

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