Sunday, September 23, 2012

External Solemnity of Our Lady of Ransom

External Solemnity of Our Lady of Ransom

Mass: Salve, sancta parens with the collect of the feast. Pretty rare to hear the Common of the BVM on Sunday. (Reminds me of Fr De Pauw’s old recorded radio Mass.) It’s really about the founding of the order of friars who run the parish (so the 17th Sunday after Pentecost was pre-empted here). I’ve long said that a good example of returning to the original charism of a religious order, to take some renewalspeak literally, would be if this small, sound order, originally Spanish but Italian-based now, dared to volunteer to take the place of Westerners held hostage by Muslims, their original reason to be.

A fact of life in most of the Catholic Church is we often don’t know our priests well because parishes are so big. You lose out on some fellowship but are free; people mind their own business. And clericalism’s overrated. (Rutler: Catholicism is not clericalist like many outside the church think; it’s sacerdotalist. Clericalism is sort of a caricature of the church.) I leave them alone; they leave me alone. (And if any of them get caught breaking the teachings of the church by diddling, let the state slam the book on them hard. I agree with Dreher about bad clergy/not expecting a lot from priests and the laity sensibly keeping their distance. Just read what’s in the book, follow the rubrics, keep the faith in the pulpit, and in the confessional but be nice about it, ex opere operato; thanks. My envelope’s in the basket.) I have my traditional Mass and am happy. Anyway, after a month as our pastor only recently I’ve even seen him, magnified by the fact that he doesn’t celebrate our Mass. (Novus at our parish, which I only see on holy days such as Assumption, is still relatively high-church. Westward but using the rail.) Fr Michael reminds me a bit of Governor Christie in NJ. Big man, booming voice (he knows how to project it in a big church). Probably charming and very sociable. Like lots of other successful East Coast priests.

In the works in the archdiocese: a study of how well or poorly parishes are doing, to decide which ones are on the chopping block including mergers. (Because of the depression and the sad fact that white ethnic cultural Catholicism is dying.) I don’t think ours will go under.

Lodato sempre sia il bel nome di Gesù e di Maria.