Saturday, September 08, 2012

From Joshua
  • The conservative Kerouac. Artistic modernism doesn’t necessarily mean theological or political modernism, and maybe Kerouac, like Andy Warhol, wasn’t what you think. Kerouac seems to have been a Bad Catholic, not a revolutionary; Warhol (Warhola, a Slavic Greek Catholic born to Ruthenian immigrants in western Pennsylvania), went to Mass (Roman Rite) but didn’t advertise it. (The pop art may have simply been a moneymaker; he lived with all traditional art.)
  • Hipster Valhalla. On well-meant condescension to non-whites such as the writer: ‘my race is a commodity’ in Portland. Among Steve Sailer’s points are that whites, on average smart (white Americans’ test scores are about the same as other Anglosphere people’s such as British and Australian), naturally dominate our elites (fine as long as the door is open to all) so Portland is very white, the left-wing upper class self-segregates for its protection too while attacking lower-class whites for trying to, and hippieness such as back to nature is northern European; he traces it to 1800s Germany. I wonder how many of the Portlanders Linda Absher describes are trust-funders who can afford to play at arts-and-crafts living for a few years (the original hippies were rich kids in a boom economy who could literally afford to play for a couple of years then drop back into the work force), or if it’s a tech meritocracy like Silicon Valley.
  • The manosphere. Roissy’s territory, mapping fallen human nature in the modern(ist) jungle.
  • Hooray for the double-edged safety razor: on the modern shaving con. I use a 50-year-old Gillette and a dab of hard cream mixed with a little hot water in a mug with a brush but you knew that.

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