Tuesday, September 11, 2012

From LRC
  • WWI. Without that criminal disaster, no Communism or Nazism. By the way in that war the mainliners were hawks and fundamentalists doves (which they remained as recently as the 1930s). The mainliners wanted to tear down Catholic Europe for Europe’s own good as they saw it.
  • Warren G. Harding. Laissez faire; laissez les bons temps rouler. In a postwar recession he let the market revive itself.
  • Why we invaded Afghanistan.
  • Watch out in 2013.
  • Cash. When TEOTWAWKI happens you’ll need at least a month’s worth.
Fundamentalists had a healthy distrust of government and its worldliness until Francis Schaeffer politicized Jerry Falwell about 35 years ago. (The only result was a little boost for Reagan in ’80; by the way I voted for Reagan in ’84.) The Moral Majority meant well but their means were wrong; liberty is the way. Their values + peace, freedom and rights = Ron Paul.

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