Tuesday, September 11, 2012

From RR
  • CIA created 9/11 blowback; Americans paid.
  • WWII: US covered up Soviet atrocity. Never mind for now Pearl Harbor (Japan wanted a local empire the way we rule the Western Hemisphere; so what? The blood of those American sailors was on Roosevelt) or John Wayne movies (I love that generation but...), and, per Voyage of the Damned, we weren’t fighting to save European Jews. The USSR won the war; we helped them get half of Europe. (Roosevelt’s government was Red-ridden with men like Henry Wallace; Joe McCarthy was accidentally right.) Seems they and the banksters won; unlikely fellows? Then again there were shadowy New World Order types like Armand Hammer. And 10 years earlier the New York Times’ Will Durant wrote Soviet propaganda covering up the starvation campaign in the Ukraine.
  • Freedom of religion and property rights. The church isn’t violating perverts’ rights by not selling to them. They can always buy from someone else.
  • West Bank protest.
  • They’re watching you – or at least will be in a couple of years. That’s when the FBI is gearing up for a nationwide launch of a $1 billion project designed to identify people of interest, according to the New Scientist. Dubbed the Next Generation Identification (NGI) program, the high-tech endeavor uses biometric data such as DNA analysis, iris scans and voice identification to track down folks with a criminal history. The FBI also plans to take NGI on the road literally by using public cameras to pick faces from the crowd and cross check them with its national repository of images.
  • In just about every aspect of policy, the Obama administration has amounted to Bush’s third term.
  • Letter to young Paulians.
  • The GOP’s gold plank. The 2012 Republican Party platform contains a plank concerning a possible return to the gold or other metallic standard. The US dollar has been a fiat currency since President Richard Nixon suspended its convertibility to gold on August 15, 1971. While it is heartening to see the gold standard becoming a mainstream issue once again, the purpose of the “gold plank” is primarily political — to placate Ron Paul supporters — and it should not be construed as anything more. Why would the Republican Party leadership worry about placating the supporters of a congressman whose presidential campaign was soundly defeated? Well, despite being outspent 100 to 1 by Mitt Romney and being opposed by the entire GOP establishment, Ron Paul garnered two million primary votes and collected nearly 200 delegates in the primaries and caucuses. His message of small government, non-interventionism, constitutionalism, and sound money resonated with a significant minority of Republican voters. The Republican Party leadership fears that many of Paul’s supporters are embittered by the shabby treatment their candidate received at the state and local level and on the convention floor, and thus will not support Romney in November.
  • How does our government honor our veterans other than use them as political pawns in stump speeches and cannon fodder for their wars?

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