Tuesday, September 25, 2012

American ordinariate crackdown on Tridentine Mass?

Has the American ordinariate stopped the Tridentine Mass at Mount Calvary, Baltimore?
Never mind the tone. To be fair I understand the logic that the ordinariate is supposed to be the special services for ex-Anglicans, not the traditional Mass, even though at their best the services for ex-Anglicans resemble our Mass, at least in America where the Anglo-Catholicism happily tended to remain pre-Vatican II liturgically. (The unauthorized Anglican and American Missals set Cranmer’s words to Tridentine ceremonial, and it works, because Cranmer kept the church’s basic credal orthodoxy and Godward worldview.) But this is still disturbing. I’m not a married ex-Anglican priest asking to be ordained a Catholic priest, I have no jones for the Prayer Book on Sundays and I wouldn’t drive long distances for Novus/1979 hybrid services unless they were the only semi-traditional thing around. So I don’t go. From Dr Tighe.

The arguments: thanks to Pope Benedict, every Roman Rite priest can say this Mass without interference, and this Mass is part of the patrimony because Anglo-Catholics long used it in part or in full.