Tuesday, September 18, 2012

If Romney loses
Steve Sailer asks:
What lessons should Republicans draw?

What lessons will Republicans draw?
Of course you know what I’ll say. It’s a big if; I don’t think he’ll lose. (My guess: the aftermath of the Libya incident will help him.) Of course I wish the Republicans would listen to and nominate Ron Paul.

What lesson would they draw? They’ll keep not listening to us and stay the course, neoconservatism while pretending to care about the so-con culture-wars stuff (and, if out of power, trying to sort of sound like us libertarians; that’s Republican boilerplate). The only question is which, the slick neoconservatism or the corn syrup, will they emphasize? (The face of the brand: Romney again or someone like him, or someone more like Sarah Palin?)

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