Saturday, September 29, 2012

Catholics should be libertarians

  • From LRC: Catholics not only can but should be libertarians.
  • Roissy on attention whoring, a feminine version of the sin of pride.
  • Owen White: the spiritual smorgasbord you can get in America is ... going to pull a person in a number of different directions, and this can really, to put it in the language of kids these days, f*ck you up. Of course learn from other churches and faiths, but you know what he means.
  • Derek Olsen: ‘spiritual’ vs. ‘religious’; his mainline is losing people because of this too (the logical conclusion of Modernism: cut out the lame churchy middleman and stop going there). I think the humorist P.J. O’Rourke knew what it means. Spirituality: I’m in charge; this stuff is for my amusement. Religion: somebody else, a higher power such as God, is in charge (as you’re reminded when you have real hardship).
  • From Netanyahu backs off on Iran.
  • Well put, sir. Doug Sirman at Mark Shea’s. Patheos: an idiotic, user-unfriendly format designed solely to make a reader load as many worthless ads as possible.
  • From Cracked: three bizarrely specific job trends in movies.
  • From Steve Sailer: mass transit vs. class transit. As the man who named SWPLs wrote, they love mass transit in theory, like loving humanity and hating people (‘I want power’), and of course hate buses, and as Paul Fussell wrote, the top classes everywhere live inaccessibly for status and safety/privacy. (Why, before the middle class traded station wagons for minivans and SUVs during the ’90s boom, a Land Rover had status; it said you needed one to drive through your grounds to get to your house; by the way, he also wrote that the top classes aren’t interested in cars for status. A beat-up 20- or 30-year-old car could belong to the top or the bottom classes.) This area has Gladwyne, mansions on high wooded hills.