Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sept. 25 links

  • From Takimag: The old abnormal. Kathy Shaidle like Nicholas Farrell is part of a problematic thread in this site’s writing related to the race-baiting, tongue-in-cheek or not (anti-Italian, anti-Catholic). But they write well and have a point. I’m out of it and proud of it: I’ve never seen this year’s Emmy winners (my show’s had its turn enough times). No premium TV here and I almost never watch CBS or ABC (which took away ‘Pan Am’, the scab version of my show; not Emmy bait but good production values, fun storylines such as the spies, and pretty girls). Vintage reruns on Antenna and This and a couple of shows on Fox (smartass Seth McFarlane cartoons) and NBC (Ed Sullivan redux: amateur talent shows). So I’ve never seen the show she’s writing about; just as well. Big Gay ’ganda. ‘Eat your spinach’ earnestness is a great phrase; SWPL morals (be nice to everybody, etc.): Christianity (New England Congregationalism) minus Christ. As Steve Sailer wrote about Obama, you can’t come up with good comedy when your hands are tied about making fun. (Making fun of things you’re not supposed to is of course a comedy staple. Of course that mockery can go too far; a reason I don’t read the snobby Onion anymore and prefer Cracked.) Anyway, good point about hoping for another unintentional Archie Bunker breakout star. I think Dano explained to me here that the reason he became a Reagan Democrat hero was Norman Lear was/is so far left that his idea of an outrageous conservative wasn’t that different from Middle America in 1971 (the year CBS stopped entertaining and started preaching) so the joke ultimately was on Lear. (And as Dano pointed out, Lear’s young heroes look and sound naïve and dated.) Ron Swanson on ‘Parks and Recreation’, a show I watch, has potential that way. Maybe a sign libertarians have a chance is when mainstream media make fun of us. Working in the dying newspaper biz (the company just went Chapter 11; I’m counting down/running out the clock; the Wild West of online writing/editing seems where it’s at; I’ve got a couple of strings) having to proofread long, pompous stories about town-council types who love the sound of their own voices, I like watching Amy Poehler make fun of them.
  • From RR: No presidential debate on fundamental issues.
  • From LRC: Leftie nostalgia. When Americans were ‘public-spirited’ and under benevolent dictators like FDR.
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  • From Ad Orientem: Latin revival. It’s Not About Latin™ but it’s beautiful and useful.
  • From TAC: Join the NYPD and see the world. America’s capital shouldn’t be Tel Aviv.
  • From Sailer: The facts about those rotting-crops stories.
  • Great non-English-language thinkers and the importance of finding and crediting good translations.
  • Owen White’s autobiography in blog installments. His blog.