Sunday, September 02, 2012

Mark in Spokane on the Eastwood speech
What many people are missing is that Eastwood wasn’t ranting. The tell is at the end of his speech – the smile and the bow. That wasn’t the disoriented ramblings of an angry old man; it was a deliberate performance by an actor – a performance designed to elicit a response.

Eastwood didn’t want to sound polished and political. He was aiming to sound like your uncle explaining to you why it’s okay to change course when things aren’t working out, even if you’re still sitting on the fence about it. That speech was aimed directly at the independents and moderates who voted for Obama in 2008 and who are now feeling more than a bit of remorse over that vote – but they don’t want to be spun or manipulated into voting for Romney. So, Clint, as a good actor does, gauged his audience.
The left then makes fun of the old man talking to a chair.

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