Friday, September 21, 2012

The fallacy of redistribution
It appeals to the naïve and well-meaning who see it as charity (‘share’), or simply to the envious, the government as Robin Hood taking (stealing) profits from fat cats and using them to give the little guy a boost. (The overrated Occupy brats a year ago: gimme.) Of course the Big Zero said he supports it. Egalitarianism of course is unfair, forced equal outcomes, not the same as equal opportunity. Classic conservatism from Thomas Sowell that I learned from a teacher when I was 12: Communism doesn’t work because there’s no more incentive to do well. That and, as he mentions, evil people, in this case in the left, want most of the country enslaved to them via government handouts, Mitt Romney’s point recently. They’re not about liberty (let’s have a look at Zero’s record on civil liberties) or charity but power. From LRC.