Sunday, September 16, 2012

Vintage is a way of life

Willingboro and Hainesport, NJ:

The car that made Ralph Nader famous.

The Boulevard Cruisers’ monthly spring through fall car show next to the Diamond (family: Diamantis) Diner, in the great tradition of Greeks serving good Italian food.

Reminds me of Anton Myrer’s The Last Convertible.

Christine’s younger sister.

Eversharp ballpoint pen, modified to take non-brand refills.

1950 ad.

Zenith from before the war. I listen to KYW on it.

Where my work Life After Newspapers™ happens: researching businesses and creating characters/personalities for companies, writing the words on their websites.

Hi there.

Like PEnnsylvania 6-5000 (still the number of Manhattan’s Pennsylvania Hotel), my phone has its old exchange name, before the Philadelphia area code was divided and long before cell phones made it all irrelevant. My exchange isn’t the traditional one in my town. If you don’t like Ma Bell’s bastard spawn (Verizon tried to steal 50 bucks from me; my bank refunded it) you can do as I do and buy your phone service from the Germans. Like employment, tech has changed it for the better. But I still like my old phone better.

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