Wednesday, September 05, 2012

  • Fred Reed on Afghanistan. From LRC.
  • One of the most impressive aspects of contemporary war is the intoxicating atmosphere of spiritual unity that arises out of the common consciousness of participating in a moral crusade. From Joshua. Of course there are just wars but far fewer than thought partly because of this phenomenon, at worst a false religion. Easy to fall into. Of course I love the Greatest Generation but unlike when I was a kid only selectively take from the great myth of WWII. (Fact: we were duped into helping the USSR win.) I was reminded of this recently when I happened to see part of Ken Burns’ ‘The War’. What? Nostalgia?! Doesn’t the left such as PBS hate that generation’s culture? Yes, but... I remembered. By the way, interesting how what is passed off as the right (really Trotskyites so there you go) believes in and sometimes sells war nearly the same way as the left: humanitarian crusades, or let’s liberate Middle Eastern women. (When the lowbrow sell, like anti-Jap crap in WWII – remember Pearl Harbor 9/11; the evil towelheads are out to get us – doesn’t work.) Witness what motivated Condi Rice. Also, the current long wars go on because they’re below the consciousness of most of the public or at least the ones who can make decisions on them. There’s no draft; their kids aren’t being sent over there.

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