Thursday, October 11, 2012

About that poll where 1 in 5 Americans claim no religion

  • From the paleos at Chronicles: O tempora; yes, religious people across the board tend to vote R and the irreligious D, and no, you don’t want America to go European, turning secularist, not just secular (politically I’m secular!).
  • Owen White: on the other hand! A familiar theme. Religious people aren’t necessarily your friends (Arturo Vasquez’s old blog: Catholic cultures are scary because people are); seemingly lax Bad Catholics are more likely to be. (Andy Warhol was devout but didn’t advertise it. Judge not.) That’s how my experience interprets him on ‘liberal Catholics’. My best two bosses in the newspaper biz, about 15 years apart, were middle-aged or older ethnic-Irish casual Catholics. (Other editors who were good eggs, back when quality people entered the biz, before the Internet killed it: an upper-class, 25-year-old Ivy grad from Tennessee who turned five-points TULIP Calvinist after moving north; and an irreligious, artistically gifted, urbane Northern WASP in his 30s with an inherited fortune, who happened to be homosexual.) Churchy Modernist Catholic shrikes like those old nuns in the news are annoying and I’m glad I never had to work for any. I imagine the spiritual-but-not-religious are just as likely to push PC (a knockoff of Christianity) as their substitute religion as to be live-and-let-live (liberals who are actually liberal). And... one of my employers now, whom I don’t know well but like just fine, are fellow parishioners (it literally pays to network at monthly coffee hour, but socially I don’t expect much from the church); the other, for whom I write client companies’ Web content, is a young man of Middle Eastern descent and we never talk about religion; there’s no need.
  • Helen Rittelmeyer on the dumbing down of conservatism.
  • The Judge at Takimag: let Johnson debate. Are the mainstream puppeteers afraid of him like they were of Paul?
  • Paul Craig Roberts at LRC: our government’s moral degeneracy.
  • From Bill Tighe: Biden’s not hardcore pro-abortion but a compromised, sellout Catholic. The kind who’s really pro-life but ‘grows in office’ and thus garners ‘strange new respect’. I knew in ’08 Obama is a ghoul.
  • From RR: when even the relatively poor have hundreds of commercial TV channels, who needs PBS? The libs mock – ‘Wah! Romney wants to kill Big Bird!’ – but he’s right. The government has no business paying for TV. That said, the left has a point (a few hours of military spending = PBS’ government funding), pretending to be anti-war again when the Dems aren’t doing the warmongering. Cut the war spending and bring the soldiers home now.


  1. To be straight, it's the same all the world over. There are WASPs and Bible thumpers in each country including Europe. Berlin maybe secularist but Munich and Bavaria is quite religious. Paris is secularist, the poorer central regions of France are more religious. Rome and Milan are very secular yet Sicily and Naples are very,very,very religious.

    The "secularist" Europe stereotype has got to go. The government of the Federal Republic of Germany may make crazy leftistarian manifests yet the people are different.

    More or less it's comparing apples to oranges. A lax, secular Catholic society has more religious people than a devout Protestant community. The majority of the European Union is still Catholic. Of course, the UK is GAWDLESS(!) but the continent is more religious.. The strong British influence may also be one of the causes of secularism. Remember Marx wrote Capital in London!

  2. ". . . and no, you don’t want America to go European, turning secularist, not just secular (politically I’m secular!")

    I suspect that we (the U.S. mass culture and now the gov't) already is secularIST.

    Re: Joe Biden

    I consider a pro-abortion Catholic (a contradiction in terms?) objectionable but relative to Joe Biden, less objectionable than a sell-out Catholic. E.g., I can live in friendship with an avowed Atheist [one good friend at least--maybe two--is/are atheist(s)] but the type of liberal Catholic I occasionally interact with is nothing but a bum ride for me!

    Now I admit that ot all "liberals" are this way. E.g., A friend's wife who is pro-V2, pro-so much of liberality in the CC that I dislike and a feminist is solidly pro-Life and committed to the teachings of the CC in faith and morals.

  3. Oh, and I have mixed feelings re: funding PBS. Not sure which we to go. Their science and political specials [NOVA, Frontline, equivalents of the History Channel, etc.] are way better than what appears on cable/satellite/commercial TV channels.


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