Saturday, October 27, 2012

American Christians have become warmongers

Chuck Baldwin’s good objection, not to be confused with pacifism. Longtime readers here know the reasons, mostly from LRC’s Laurence Vance, for this problem. As recently as 1936 fundamentalists were doves (with a healthy distrust of the government’s including of course the military’s worldliness) and mainliners (liberal Protestants) hawks (spreading the American way by force). What caused the change? Conservative Christians understandably reacted to the late-’60s culture wars by turning to the military with its clean-cut, yes-sir image as some sort of Christian knights defending normality. (The Cold War was another reason.) It’s appealing. (Before Francis Schaeffer talked Jerry Falwell into activism, fundamentalists were largely apolitical.) The liberal Rockefeller Republicans and the ex-Democrat neocons are happy to use this. I’m pro-military, a reason for being anti-war: support the troops by not wasting them on fool’s errands abroad.


  1. Dr. Baldwin's article was very good! Christian = warmonger and hater . . . how ironic!

  2. The involvement of "christian" organizations in politics and what was supposedly the "moral majority" is what really pushed me to seek alternative political choices. They don't represent me - I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one!


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