Monday, October 08, 2012

An untimely post

Modestinus burns up the screen with this.
Abortion is murder and sodomy is a sin; to hell its practitioners shall go for the Bible tells me so. And even should I have never been born in an age where the Scriptures are open and translated for every literate person to peruse, I would know those two facts from the Church’s catechesis and, if I were a thoughtful sort, the exercise of my natural reason. Nothing I think, do, say, believe, wish, pray, etc. will alter this reality.


  1. The Lord sent the flood the 1st time. Isn't it supposed to be fire the 2nd time?

    Jim C.

    1. Disease and demographic replacement.

    2. Bullshit. If God were serious there would be some kind of natural disaster.

  2. Your version is the kidler, gentler approach. I.e., not a planet-wide catastrophe as in "Deep Impact." LOL


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