Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cars: fall fest in Barrington, NJ

’49 Bel Air. Smart!

I think one make had the first postwar design in ’48.

Everybody else including Chevy the next model year.

By the way that’s Donna’s late grandfather’s Borsalino fedora.

Most of my hats are Adam or Dobbs, nothing fancy.

’52, the last year Ford used the ’49 body.

’59 El Camino.

’60 Pontiac Sky Chief. More or less what I want my ride to be, probably smaller (the Chevys that year).

Not pictured: At a shop in town I found Donna a white/light-grey mink hat Jackie Kennedy could have worn.


  1. You and Donna look like Bonnie & Clyde!

    You seem to have great luck with weather when it comes to these car shows/

    1. Thnks so much for he compliment! Yes John and i luck out when we go to the festivals in nj.And New Jeresy has so many of they they run from late summer to late fall which is nice.We were going to go to second festival but it ran to late when were at the barrington on.But she john and i hit antique shop in town which had alot of cool stuff and he did find me that had but it really wasnt my thing but he was so happy about finding and picturing me in one.So he got for me anyway.Glad u guys on his blog ca enjoy our fun pics!


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