Sunday, October 21, 2012


Wellwood Park, Merchantville, NJ, and the Historical Car Club of Pennsylvania, Delaware County Community College, Newtown Square, PA.

My shadow became my photo signature at the second show.

Movie stars or their close relatives:

’49 Merc.

The Christine family of Chrysler brands:

’57 Plymouth Fury.

Dodge Coronet.

Versions of what would/will be my ride (’59-’60 Chevys):

Light metallic blue hardtop’s my choice.

I’ll take it! Wait, where’s the gas pedal? How’d you get it here?



  1. I can think of few better ways to spend a warm autumn day than at a car rally/show of restored beauties, followed perhaps by a burger, french fries, and coke at one of those retro diners! I like that outrageous dual tone Dodge!

  2. Well we like spending a nice summery warm day at a car show/festival its very fun relaxing time.Lots of things to see and do at them. This one had an elvis impersonator there and he very god.We saw him in july at the same town doing his show. And of course we saw plenty of beautiful cars from classics to never.There was even dogs there they had event for them sa well.And we got to talk to a coupke of classic car owners one guy who had goregous blue/wht crown victoria.


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