Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane scare


  1. Re: "U.S. Military Chief"

    I am going to be a bit nitpicky here! The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is NOT the head of the U.S. armed forces. He's in a staff position chartered to give "advice" to the National Command Authority. The National Command Authority is the President ----> Secretary of Defense ----> Unified Commands ----> etc. This is the Chain of Command where "line management" authority exists, although it is much more than that civilian-muddled term, "management" would lead one to expect.

    Jim C. a/k/a Adeodatus49

  2. Re: "Vatican II ruined the Church"

    Sort of makes you miss the days when Arianism persecuted the Church. At least with Arianism one had something firm to fight compared with the hostess-twinky Catholicism in modern Catholic parishes.

  3. Re: " Abusing the military: welfare and waste"

    I remember from my old Samuelson "Principles of Economics" text. You can have guns or butter; not both.

  4. Brian Underwood3:46 pm

    Jim is correct in regard the JCS and chain of command. Father and grandfathers Army & Air Force.

    John, I know you think the hurricane will only give you a bit of wind and rain, but this thing is huge and combining with a cold front. Media aside, you really should have some things ready in case you have to shelter in place or evacuate. I'm 800+ miles away in Indianapolis, and already getting some wind off the backside of this storm. Going to increase to near 35 mph +, gusts to 50 mph tonight, tomorrow. It's aiming right at Jersey almost diagonal to Philly. I think this one is more than just hyped up media. Stay safe John!

  5. Izaak the traditionalist!10:55 pm

    The Holy Roman Catholic Church has excommunicated thou for thine discriminative picky-choosy of Catholic doctrine. Celebration of Halloween is forbidden by the Holy See under pain of excommunication.

  6. "We helped the USSR win it, the worse bad guys."

    It's instructive to note that most Eastern European powers (Hungary, Romania, etc.), when it became clear that they had to choose Hitler or Stalin or face being crushed between them both (like Poland), chose to side voluntarily with Hitler. Even that raving genocidal lunatic with the funny mustache was still a lot less scary to most people than Uncle Joe Stalin.

    "The holiday’s a survival of largely Catholic folklore so enjoy!"

    John Zmirak wrote an article, "My High Holy Day" which was a very keen assessment of the real theological meaning behind the apparent silliness of Halloween. As for the commonly-disseminated reports of "Vatican Condemns Halloween", it turns out to be a predictable case of "Some random guy who works at the Vatican expresses his personal distaste for Halloween, which reporters irresponsibly turn into a blanket condemnation from the Pope himself".


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