Saturday, October 27, 2012

It takes a Greek village to beat cancer

And other places where people live longer. Here. From Ad Orientem.


  1. I am ready to move there. No computers, TV, or electronics except perhaps for a low power ham radio that is powered by batteries recharged by solar power! I suppose I would need to learn modern Greek--good for my aging brain and fun!--and maybe convert to Greek Orthodoxy if I want to go to Holy Communion. Imagine no wrist watches . . . that's the way to live . . . the heck with hard and fast schedules.

  2. Tomasz12:46 pm

    Maybe y'all should move to Poland or Hungary!! We have plenty of places without computers, TV or electronics. Just you won't find them in the books.

  3. Tomasz12:49 pm

    Oh, anywhere in Poland for the hay and we're Catholic. Conservative NO is the standard except for some well leftovers from the Communist welfare-states.

    Political debate in Poland :
    - lower the personal income tax to zero %


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