Friday, October 19, 2012

Payback: go, Granny, go

True story: Walmart tried to cheat a lady out of two cents and lost. From last year.
When Mary Bach reached the cash register at Walmart with her pack of Brown ’N Serve sausages, she knew that something was very wrong — the label on the product read 98 cents, but the cashier tried to charge her a full dollar. She wasn’t impressed. Walmart offered to defuse the situation by refunding the two cents, but the damage was done, and this grandmother wasn’t about to take it lying down. So she sued their asses over those two cents, alleging that it was totally intentional and they were trying to rip her poor ass off. According to Bach, the suit wasn’t about the money — it was about principle. How can you justify overcharging customers two cents? The kicker is that Bach won the suit. The courts awarded her $100 for her suffering and $80 for her trouble. On one hand, that's a trivial sum compared to the time and energy she must have devoted to pursuing it. But that is also 9,000 times the disputed amount.
From Cracked, which I normally like but they meant to make fun of her.

Verizon Wireless tried to steal $50 from me. My bank refunded it. Now I get my phone service from the Germans.


  1. From the Germans? Do you mean T-Mobile? This is my cell service. If so, then WARNING! T-Mobile is no longer near-perfect as it used to be.

  2. Prepaid and used only when necessary (running late or if there were an emergency) so no worries.

  3. Brian Underwood3:24 pm

    Good for her! I'm always glad to see someone take a stand on principle. This is another reason to add to my "why I hate Wal-Mart" list.

    Never used Verizon, but no one I know has cared for them either. I assume by Germans you mean T-Mobile? That's who I use.


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