Sunday, October 07, 2012

Photos: cars and beer

Burlington, Stratford and Marlton, NJ:

The quintessential beautiful ’40s car, the ’42 GM Fleetline body, here in the form of a ’42 Pontiac Eight Chieftain. There were a few ’42s (fall ’41) before the war stopped production; this one’s probably very rare and expensive.

Streamlined postwar design: ’50 Ford.

’50 Bel Air.

’53 Biscayne.

’56 Ford Victoria.

’57 Belvedere complete with Christine’s dashboard.

’58 Impala.



  1. Oh I'm so happy u added the pics form yesterdays events we went too. The cars were wonderful and we look good next to the cars i love that red Biscayne car. And my other real fave was the crown vitoria.I and u want a real one.


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