Monday, October 01, 2012

The campaign farce, history and old-fashioned barbering



  1. There may be something to the complaint over the proliferation of ribbons now, but MacArthur's 4 star uniform shows ten rows of ribbons. Halsey's rack seems to vary from no ribbons at all up to at least four rows; here's a page of Ike photos showing him with anything from one to six rows, most of them taken in a very short time period. I would have to conclude that these guys actually earned roughly as much as any modern officer, but for reasons which likely involved context as well as personal preference didn't wear all of them all the time or perhaps even most of the time.

  2. The barbershop video.

    I love this video! I remember these places when I was young, unfortunately too young for a shave, but the place for my regular haircut. Got the straight edge on my neck and sides to "clean me up" as the final part of the haircut followed by that soothing after shave the barber used. This was at Bosco's Barbershop in Saugerties, NY where I grew up. His employee, Sal, also cut hair but as Sal got older, his haircuts got more lopsided. LOL

    1. Oops! Your new comment utility sucks! LOL Adeodatus49 = Jim C. a/k/a jbc1949 and the Camerlengo on the York Forum. Sorry!


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