Thursday, October 04, 2012

The election non-choice

  • From Steve Sailer: The debate.
  • From RR: Voting for death.
  • The Judge at Takimag: Two failures.
  • The myth of the Catholic voter. In describing Mormons’ success coming from imitating the good 1900-1950s WASP culture (easy since most were WASPs to begin with), Sailer mentioned the decline and fall of the Catholic people and thus the Catholic vote in America. Al Smith was too Catholic, immigrant, blue-collar, Noo Yawk, for the 1928 WASP majority; JFK sold out the church in his ’60 Houston speech while copying WASPness all his life; meanwhile, churchmen (not Cardinal Spellman, God love him, but he was outnumbered) caved with Vatican II. Even if there were still a Catholic peoplehood and vote (white cultural Catholicism’s dying; the Mexican immigrant replacements boosting our numbers are apolitical but sometimes vote Democratic, understandably), it probably wouldn’t go my way (buh-buh-buh-Bing). The Pope, a European Christian Democrat, would tell them to vote for a holy welfare state with peace and family values, and they would; not the secular (not secularist) vision of individual liberty the founding fathers made possible in which Catholics and non can get along. The religious across the board, including Pope Benedict’s smaller, sounder church (we’ve gone from dominant church in the Northeast to obstreperous, impotent minority; way to go, V2 ‘renewal’), vote Republican. Not ideal but preferable. By the way nobody converts to Mormonism for the theology (no LDS Aquinas, Calvin or Newman), which is obviously made-up, but the old-school culture; they keep you too busy to notice the religion doesn’t make sense. The presidential religion doesn’t matter. Ron Paul’s a casually churchgoing Protestant. But sure, it’s kind of neat to have a Catholic GOP running mate for the first time since Goldwater.


  1. One priest I know commented that this was the first election without a WASP running as a nominee for either party, but that is just barely true. President Obama is a BLASP if ever there was one, and Mormons are ethnoculturally WASPs, even if they aren't theologically.

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