Thursday, October 04, 2012

The problem with single women having the vote

They vote for the handsome candidate who, through the state, that is, through stealing from you and me, says he will provide for them like a substitute husband, as Roissy notes here. By the way Romney’s better-looking.


  1. Progressive Pietist Protestant activists wanted women to have the vote because they realized that conservative Catholic and Lutheran Democrats discouraged their womenfolk from voting. Interestingly, at nearly the same time, anti-clerical elements in the French Third Republic maintained a prohibition on female suffrage specifically because it was feared that women, generally more pious than their menfolk, would vote in accord with the Church's wishes.

    As Rose Wilder Lane correctly pointed out, nobody has the inalienable natural right to vote. The question of who should be allowed to vote should never be governed by abstract, universal principles that are held to be true for all mankind and all of history- it depends on the conditions on the ground, and what is most conducive to the freedom and public order. Frankly, I would have objected to the 19th Amendment simply on federalist grounds- some states allowed women to vote before that time, and the 19th prohibited all other states from using their own local judgment in the matter.

  2. If you're supposed to be a devout Catholic I don't get why you link to this Roissy clown every five seconds. He's vulgar, mean, advocates masturbation and promiscuity...I just don't get it.

  3. Looking at those young women in the photo, I can't help but imagine what is going on in their individual (and collective) minds--I am tempted to say nothing! LOL--"Dump Michelle and let me have your baby!" LOL

    Our Republic is in trouble! Ooops! What republic?

  4. Marty2:46 pm

    Yeah, what Oddy said about Roissy, where in the hell did you find this loser? Vulgar, mean, and all that and very misogynistic. I get that feminism has sold us all a bill of goods but he seems to think women should just STFU and be little sex toys for him and his ilk. And his 30 different kinds of pussy posting, well that was just over the top.

    1. Is it possible that Roissy's comments are nothing more than a continuing put-on just to exercise people's emotions?


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