Saturday, October 13, 2012

Today's links and lines

  • The EU won the Nobel Peace Prize for what, not invading Poland? Hooray for Nigel Farage. In a sane world he’d be the British prime minister. I don’t hate a naturally German-run Western Europe (I agree with Taki and monarchists: the world would have been better off if the Central Powers won WWI) but that line, I forget where I first read it, is still funny.
  • From Takimag: Obama ‘owns’ the media but what if he didn’t? Romney will still be president.
  • From Mark in Spokane: Nat Hentoff reminds you Obama’s a ghoul on abortion.
  • Dano in my comboxes. On Paul Ryan: It’s a pity he’s a lockstep Bush-era Republican on foreign policy, because I could almost stomach him as President if I only had to look at his domestic positions – not a real libertarian, but the kind of libertarian-leaning conservative who would mostly leave people alone... unless, of course, you happen to live in a foreign country, in which case you better start cleaning your bomb shelter.
  • The debate is an interesting look, though, at the generation gap among practicing Catholics in America. Older Bad Catholics stay with the Church despite their misgivings because they were raised on the idea of One True Church; younger Catholics aren’t really given that spiel anymore, so the only ones who really care to stay are the ones who take it fairly seriously. Joe Biden reminds me a little of some of my older relatives, while Paul Ryan would fit in quite nicely with a lot of the youngish friends I have from various Catholic groups (and yes, some of them have terrible ideas about foreign policy, too).
  • Catholic Europe’s worse off than I thought. James writes: My mother’s diocese (Perigueux, in France) reduced from 555 parishes to 32 a decade ago. How’s that 50 years of ‘renewal’ working out for you?
  • Jazzed about the Year of Faith? Me neither. Same plan: try to do good, keep going to the traditional Mass once a week and counting my beads every day (today in 1917: ‘I am the lady of the rosary’; O my Jesus, forgive us our sins...), hoping a priest gets to me in time so I have a better chance of crossing the finish line in the state of grace with minimal purgatory. As for the rest of the church, it’ll keep closing and merging, getting smaller but sounder, holier, under this Pope.
  • Photo: La Vita’s Pizza, Moorestown, NJ. The church is on the run here but I think will never completely go away.


  1. Thanks for linking me for my little post on Hentoff's view of Obama and abortion. Hentoff is a great defender of the right to life -- and he doesn't fit the usual mould of a right-to-lifer (Jewish atheist, cultural liberal, New York journalist, etc.). Hentoff is in my mind an almost perfect example of a Left-conservative (along with folks like Christopher Lasch and Gore Vidal). A strong commitment to the Constitution and the idea of limited government, personal liberty balanced with the needs of the community, etc.

  2. I got turned off to the Nobel Peace Prize ever since Le Duc Tho & Henry Kissinger jointly shared the award. The So. Vietnamese gov't wasn't worth much, I must admit, but they got sold down the river when it suited us to do so. At least our gov't didn't have to tell us all a craven lie about what actually happened.

    Jim C.
    a Vn Vet and Naval advisor who came home from Vn about 30 days after the peace accords were signed with No. Vn.


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