Monday, October 08, 2012

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  1. Anonymous9:49 am

    The state's duty to suppress polygamy is founded in natural law, just like the duty to uphold marriage as a union of man and woman. No appeal to religious belief is necessary.


  2. "And the Mormons have the right to practice their doctrine of polygamy."

    I'm not sure I am ready to sign up for this. Anonymous has a good point. I also don't think that polygamy is congruent with our culture. Marriage as an institution exists within a cultural context. This is also a reason why I think gay marriage is gonna result in a culture war that will not be settled by the State attempting to impose gay marriage legally on the society. Then again, I could be wrong about this!

    "Romney and the debate"

    Many observers to point to Nixon's failed 1st attempt to run for President as caused by his less than stellar performance in his debate with JFK. I do not agree. The election was very close and there were highly credible allegations of vote fraud in Chicago (Illinois has a significant number of electoral votes), enough so to put the election in JFK's camp. I don't really know who will win this forthcoming election, the prophets on either side notwithstanding. Nonetheless, I do not think the debates will be the deciding or critical factor. After all the debates are basically media circuses regardless of the performance of either or both contenders (or multiple contenders) in the debate(s).

    I miss your old comments application. This "new" method sucks royally!

    Jim C.
    a/k/a adeodatus49

  3. Thanks for the link. And you aren't really a libertarian. You're a conservative -- you just need to get more comfortable leaving aside the blandishments of libertarianism! :-) Cheers!

  4. I have absolutely no intention of voting for the Mormon Haircut for President (or for the Affirmative Action President, either), but hearing about the Governor's performance, I finally forced myself to sit down and watch that debate after-the-fact, and temporarily had to fight the urge to paint myself a Romney sign and go stand on a street corner. I'm sure once foreign policy comes up in a debate the spell will be broken (though the difference between the two is minimal), but I sort of want to see Gov. Romney in the White House- for no other reason than that I think his attempts to explain his bad decisions to the American people will be less obnoxious and mealy-mouthed. When the President's stupid addresses interrupt regularly-scheduled television programming, I'd rather his presentation of his lies not be so grating and annoying.

    "Many observers to point to Nixon's failed 1st attempt to run for President as caused by his less than stellar performance in his debate with JFK."

    Radio listeners thought Nixon had won; television viewers ascribed victory to Kennedy, probably because Kennedy wore makeup and Nixon, with his sweaty face and 5-o'clock shadow, didn't, thinking it effeminate. This isn't surprising- Kennedy was the first President to really master television, realizing that the image mattered more than the substance. In reality, JFK was a doltish playboy who couldn't think his way out of a wet paper sack, while Nixon was a genuinely brilliant man with an unfortunately long list of personality flaws. (Libertarians are absolutely right to peg Nixon as a terrible, terrible President, but in fairness, he did about as well as any plausible candidate could have with the horrendous mess bequeathed to him by Pres. Johnson).

    Incidentally, the very closeness of that election (Joe Kennedy is alleged to have remarked "Tell me exactly how many votes you need to win, because I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for a landslide") may have been responsible for Kennedy's famed (and problematic) Houston speech. According to one account (which I have not been able to find confirmed elsewhere, for what it's worth), the speech was really an attempt not to defuse Protestant prejudices, but to shore up support among Republican Catholics, particularly in the South, whose support he would need for his narrow victory.

    1. One thing Nixon did that none of the others did. He opened up China to the West. A masterful diplomatic stroke from a man who in his own way, was just as mean as the communists were . . . even if his Presidency was a failure and his personality flaws egregious.


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