Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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  1. Actually General Quarters and firing torpedoes on a fast attack submarine (I was on one) was very exciting, but as Cracked rightly observed, not for its dramatic effects as portrayed in the movies. Detecting, localizing, and targeting a contact is a lot of fun. Lots of geometry/trigonometry involved, good passive sonar acoustics, and some pretty slick judgement on the part of the Approach Officer (usually the Captain) adds up to a very interesting & fun experience. It all comes down to good target motion analysis.

  2. The "weapon myths" article reminds me of the old adage about people who study warfare: "Civilian 'armchair warriors' study strategy. Lieutenants and captains study tactics. Real-life generals study logistics". Unsurprisingly, West Point's curriculum in the 19th century emphasized Engineering over every other academic subject.


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