Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas parade in Collingswood, NJ


  1. These photos successfully pushed my 'schmalz' buttons. Love them! Thanks.

  2. I used to get all bum-ed out by the endless Christmas commercials and cheezy music "everywhere," but no longer. In the past several years I have become fond of all this "nonsense" in addition to the penitential aspects of Advent leading to the commemoration of the Nativity of the Redeemer. Perhaps this weekend my son and I will put up our exterior Christmas lights--we have done this for the past 5 years or so except for 1 year--since we have been staying home for Christmas instead of leaving town to visit Grandma. Oh, and our Christmas tree too. We don't use a living tree--safer to go artificial and it nonetheless looks good anyway.

    Enjoyed your pics and the video of the parade. I just love this stuff!

  3. That was the best parade we ever been too, and i never even knew they were having it until last minutes spotting it in my newspaper.They had tons of differnt floats and many people dancing and playing music.The had mummers and hawian dancers and girls with there moms.They had some oldies cars and few dogs. But yes it was very cold day walking hte hte town of collingswood for the parade i believe it was like 40*s and everyone had chairs and blankets and things to keep em warm. Well I had john too keep me warm.It would of been cool if it was sorta when it it was alittle drk out, but it was still good in the day time.


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