Thursday, November 08, 2012

Cultural eugenics

Roissy’s theory.
The top and bottom against the middle. White status whoring with minority pawns. SWPL hypocrisy. Anti-white anti-racists. Two Americas. Jesusland.

You’ve heard all these before. The Orwellian prognosis of a political culture steeped in a mountain of lies and suppressed crimethink. Astute observers of the American scene can’t help but notice that something foul is afoot, and they’ve given it a contour: the white ruling class has it in for the white working class...

In sum, the white ruling class lost its sense of shared destiny and obligation, and the white working class lost its kindred alpha male to emulate. The cultural eugenic program has morphed from one to lift the weakest tribe members and humble the strongest tribe members, to one in which the strong tribe members have decided to kill off or banish to the wastelands the weaker tribe members.

This is not a recipe for national greatness. Or even survival.


  1. Pseudo-intellectual bushwaah.

    Jim C.

  2. "the white working class lost its kindred alpha male to emulate."

    Except that the white working class hated the upper classes and had no interest in emulating them. An extreme case is the conflict between the planter class as represented by the Percys of Mississippi and the white working class as represented by Vardaman and Bilbo. They, on a personal basis, were far more hostile to the working class/rednecks than they were to the blacks. And, of course, there was the Irish Catholic vs. Brahmin conflict. At least in this sense, the more things change, the more things stay the same, though it is true that the WASP elites are but a decadent hollow shell of their former selves.

  3. Jim - the world has changed since 1968. I talk a lot about inter-racial conflict and there will certainly be plenty of that, but the real conflict of our time is white intelligentsia versus white proletarian. A threshold and illustrative event was the NYC Hard Hat Riots. Working class whites have never been forgiven for their tribalism and general refusal to go along with the program since the 1960's.

    Charles Murray has provided thorough documentation. Lower class whites haven't crossed home yet with lower class blacks in rates of social pathology, but they're rounding second. In Britain, they're already there. No wonder some of the poor sods are embracing Islam to try and pull themselves out of the social democratic fever-swamps.

    1. "No wonder some of the poor sods are embracing Islam to try and pull themselves out of the social democratic fever-swamps."

      I can understand the Islam bit. Islam offers the rigor that the god-less society lacks and, unfortunately, the wimpy Protestant and Catholic Christianity lacks. It's also a man's religion. It is manly!

      Reminds me of the U.S.M.C. Except for a short period during the Vn War where they actually (and foolishly) drafted men into the Marines and in the late 70s when the USMC re-enlistment rates dropped significantly due to a better economy, the Marines have always met their recruiting and retention goals. Why? They are/were a manly organization with rigor, discipline, and frankly, the spiffiest looking uniforms of the entire Armed Services!

      Jim C. a/k/a Adeodatus49

    2. Exactly. Like what I admire about the Nation of Islam (never really Muslims; Louis Farrakhan restarted it after most of them, never many, became real Muslims in the ’70s); a made-up spite religion but rigorous and conservative, a small élite. Men dressed like me (and Malcolm X), selling The Final Call and bean pies on ghetto street corners here and in some places policing the projects... like Marines.

      Like how I don’t think the few who become Mormons do so because of the theology, such as it is (matter is eternal; God is an evolved man, one of many gods; no Newman-like theologians intellectually convert to that, reading their way in), but because of the culture, appealing to white Americans' remaining collective memory of better times and their own better culture about 50 years ago (family values), which the Mormons, actually radical, vigorously adopted in order to blend in and end persecution. (The lovely Mrs Romney is simply a marriage convert; happens a lot in many faiths.) Also probably a big part of evangelicalism's enduring appeal in America.

      Right, the Marines had the good sense not to change their uniforms much since WWII.


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