Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hilary's epitaph for Vatican II

Novusordoism: turning men away from the church since 1965.

They’re probably vagante former Catholics but still they’ve taken this to a logical dead end, including not attracting young people.

Ironically such people don’t become Episcopalians, because of the Thomas Day factor: many Episcopalians worship too much like the sound in the church do! High church, altar rail and all. (Opponents in the culture war, allies in the worship war.) Also if your parents were from Ireland you won’t join the English denomination. So they try to turn the church into a mainline denom instead.


  1. If these are Catholic priestess wannabes, how come no chasuble for the main "presider?" And what's with the Walmart cups? I just love the Renaissance high art in the background!

    Jim C.

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  3. Richard8:49 am

    I hold no brief for this lot but "including not attracting young people" is a bit unfortunate given the presence of a young person right by the 'altar'.

    1. If he's young, then so am I. Dude's looks like a hard-ridden late 30s/early 40s.

      I recall being in a parish council meeting once in the Catholic Diocese of __ and this little German woman of very, ahem, "progressive" views was going on and on about "the youth" and what they wanted from the Church and the liturgy. It was the usual claptrap about the Spirit of V2, etc.

      I finally looked at her and said, in my sweetest "indulging your crazy aunt" voice, "Ma'am, has it occured to you that I'm in my early 20s and therefore, by any sane definition, I am 'the youth'? Has it further occurred to you to actually ask someone under 50 what they want out of the Church? And, may I be so bold as to inform you that I want Latin, chant, the Faith once received from the Apostles, and priests who are fathers and who dress like priests. Further, I'd like for all this sorry hippy shit to kindly sod off."

      She did not take it kindly.

    2. Ha ha; I noticed that too. The exception that proves the rule: two youngish people (counting the one in the background) outnumbered by old women.

    3. Responsio:

      1. Again as I have said before, the Marines are looking for "a few good men" and have experienced little trouble meeting their recruiting goals despite two unpopular wars, even unpopular among servicemen (and women). The CC needs to take a page from the USMC and the Hell with what CBS and the like think about it!

      2. Re: "including not attracting young people"---a couple of years ago on this blog (or perhaps it was the York Forum?) there was a post and a link to one of the American women ordinations groups. One young "priestess" was this beautiful blonde. She was gorgeous! Almost made me join her side! ROFLOL :-)

      3. I am hoping this becomes a self-correcting problem. Old people on the average are closer to their graves than are young folks.

      Jim C.

    4. The beautiful blonde was another exception, good marketing/flagrant false advertising. Not a vagante priest but the then-head of the Women's Ordination Conference, against mostly old women (and their few aging betaboy hangers-on), but individually still in the official church, a tiny minority of protestantized Catholics in a Protestant country. But, beautiful blonde and 40 years of soft selling (lectors, Eucharistic ministers and altar girls) notwithstanding, this is foreign to the church so the matter largely just doesn't come up.


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