Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I voted for Gary Johnson

And the Libertarian Party ticket plus two local Republicans.


  1. Tomasz9:01 am

    'Tis yn ynterestyin' thyng that thyne wyll ys for the soule Anglickane candeidathe! 'Tis anh dearer thang thath thou arth the "stereotypical" Aymericain for us here on thei Continent. Greeithings from Polan! Ain her!

  2. From here: 'Johnson is a non-practicing Lutheran.'

  3. I couldn't, in good conscience, vote for Johnson for POTUS. But I did vote Libertarian in all the local elections where I had a choice.

    Not that I think it matters. *shrug*

  4. I had to show up anyway for some important ballot questions, so I went ahead voted for Johnson, too- he's not ideal, but stands head-and-shoulders above everyone else on the ballot. Other than that, I mostly wrote in names like "Mickey Mouse" and "Sam Spade", especially for all of the uncontested elections for insignificant local offices entailing no actual responsibility (these serve as de facto pension plans for ex-politicians, who collect nice salaries without really doing anything).

    I did vote for one really terrible Republican candidate for a major office, but only because the GOP candidate's opponent spent the last few weeks running ad after ad caterwauling about the massive differences between the two of them (in reality, they have almost the exact same position on all of the issues in question). I got so sick of seeing those stupid commercials that I went ahead and conceded the Democratic candidate's absurd contention that the GOP candidate was much further to the Right, and responded accordingly by voting Republican. Besides, in this deep-blue state, any Republican is always going to be one boneheaded mistake away from being booted out of office, while a Democrat does not so much win a term of office as an irrevocable lifetime appointment, which no amount of bad behavior can possibly jeopardize.

  5. I also voted for Johnson. It is the first time I have knowingly voted for a pro-abortion rights candidate in my life. But there was no viable pro-life alternative. (Romney's track record is solidly pro-abortion.) In some of the statewide elections I held my nose and voted Republican mainly because the state is basically a one party government right now and that is always a bad thing.

  6. This may sound tongue in cheek, but it really isn't (OK, just a touch, but a very, very light touch). Libertarianism really hasn't been practiced in this country (yet), not even by Thomas Jefferson, our nations' seemingly 1st Libertarian President. Anyway, to purloin something from Mark Twain (I think it originated with him), Libertarianism is a great idea. Too bad nobody has tried it yet. (or words to that effect)

    Jim C.


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