Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thanks, veterans

The British remember WWI because so many of their men died in it:

The sad facts are WWI was unnecessary (the world would have been better off if the other side won), wasting a generation all over Europe, ousting two holy kings (of Russia and Austria) and starting Communist rule; the USSR, the real bad guys, won WWII and we just helped them, but still, the Greatest Generation.

Anti-war. Pro-military. Bring them home now.

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  1. "Pro military and bring them home now."

    Agreed! . . . in spades! I want a robust domestic military that is not easily turned into an expeditionary force w/o consent of the Congress (war declaring powers) and the draft to "invest" the American people. Other than that, for any "adventures" that the President may contemplate in the future, may it be limited to rapid reaction forces--USMC, 82nd Airborne Div., 7th Ranger Regiment, and Special Operations Command (all of the preceding backed by air power)--who are easy to insert and easy to remove. I won't pretend that the use of these flexible forces will always be appropriate. At least wrt limited undeclared war overseas adventures, it will be much easier to correct our mistakes/misdeeds with the extraction flexible forces from overseas.

    Oh, and bring all our military equipment--especially Abrams tanks, Bradley fighting vehicles, artillery, etc.--home from Central Europe. The Europeans don't need them anymore.


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