Saturday, November 10, 2012

The GOP and the liberty movement: the party's future or our wishful thinking?


  1. How many voters wrote in Ron Paul? I can think of at least three: blogger Mark Shea, and two of my favorite Boston-area bartenders (one, in her late 20s, "conservative," devoutly Catholic; the other, "liberal," probably agnostic, a 50-something lesbian). Not the groundswell one might be looking for, perhaps, but it is significant. I can't think of any other presidential election where I could name three people who opted to write in a candidate's name, let alone the name of the same candidate!

    1. Hooray for Shea! You're describing a big tent/comprehensiveness/'broad church' I like, part of libertarianism's appeal to me. Despite original sin and concupiscence, with just a few principles (the golden rule/do no harm) we can all get along.

  2. I was torn over doing a write in. I had planned on writing Calvin Coolidge, our only more or less libertarian president, on my ballot but settled for Gary Johnson.

  3. Wishful thinking. Libertarianism is absolutely done. It has made ZERO headway other than among a few idealistic white people.


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