Sunday, November 11, 2012

'The Victims' Revolution'

From Bill Tighe: a book decries identity politics.
According to Bruce Bawer and the American experience, it all went wrong sometime in the nineteen-sixties. It was then that the civil rights movement — the goal of which, he says, “could not have been more consistent with America’s founding ideals” — became a kind of reverse Pandora’s Box, radiating spirits of hope, equality, and goodwill, but carrying among them a single, destructive value. Multiculturalism, he argues, emerged to subordinate the identities and liberties of individuals to those of groups, and to balkanize the sense of unity upon which nationalism, liberalism, and academic freedom are all premised. Like a toxin, multiculturalism went on to poison the ideals of the civil rights movement, entrenching the grievances of minority groups and validating them as legitimate cultural values. When being oppressed became a matter of identity — essentially something to be celebrated rather than overcome — the victims’ revolution had begun.


  1. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Gotta look back a little further....the myth of "white" superiority over all other groups and the resulting slavery, economic oppression, destruction of cultures etc;

    Interesting that everyone is supposed to forget that past, especially the "victims".

    1. Oh please. Slavery was a universal condition for millenia along with imperial conquest.

      The cult of victimhood has no science or history to support it, whites no longer believe it, and the money has run out.

    2. Anonymous9:36 am

      Oh please yourself. Read some history!

      The slavery in the U.S. South was particularly vicious and based on notions of color and race,unlike other forms, ( Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman slavery was based on conquered people).
      Black slaves were not conquered but bought and sold. The South did not conquer any people.

      Racism is a modern invention. It's based on the notion that there are "white" people when, of course, that is a fiction. One only has to examine how the notion of "white" changed from "WASP" to include, gasp!, Mediterranean groups such as Italians, ( dark-skinned Sicilians), French , Irish, (inferiors Celts), Scots, Slavic people, ( scratch them and find a Tartar), etc;

      The attitude you carry will eventually carry you to a very strange fate- you'll probably end up in a nursing home having your nappies changed by "non-white" females.

    3. Is this another opinion from the troll of Poland?

  2. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Check this;


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