Friday, November 16, 2012

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  1. I suppose most of my ire is really about politically liberal Churchman institutionalizing their political liberalism in Church structures, policies, and a lame attempt at theologizing liberal political idealogy. That said, I recognize there is a national tension between social justice teachings and the basic theological purpose of Holy Mother the Church, which is to help people save their souls! That said, the social justice policies of the modern Catholic Church seem to me to involve so many time & place conditioned issues and Church policies, that the Church risks becoming just another political/social institution and its apostolic leaders a combination of senior managers & politicians and less so the priests that they are. I don't like this at all.

    It sounds nice to say that we are bringing Christ and the Gospel to the modern masses, but what we should be saying instead is a big NO! to governments--especially our own--that institutionalize mandatory birth control coverage, abortion on demand, and gay marriage. And then let us live with the consequences. These consequences will be visited upon us anyway even if we just shut up and stay quiet . . . or so I opine.

    Jim C.

  2. Re: the Fiscal Cliff

    Even if a recession happens, will the Fiscal Cliff actually reduce the debt structure of this country? How can that hurt the U.S. in the long run. Less debt is good compared to more debt.

    Economics may use the equations of Physics, some of which I actually understand given my academic background, but applies these equations to crowd behavior. It therefore becomes in my perception the real Vodoo Economics, as opposed to the political version thereof that George H. W. Bush aimed at Ronald Reagan when both were first competing for the Republican Presidential nomination.

    Obamacare == Vodoo Economics too! (IMHO)

    Jim C.


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