Thursday, November 22, 2012

We gather together

  • Celebrity Mayflower descendents.
  • American Missal votive Mass. I love it: the faith using the best of WASPness when it agrees with the faith, and what more than this day, secular but full of religious meaning? Eucharist.
  • Donna’s and my Thanksgiving dinner. An Italian-American mix: antipasto and tortellini soup, and then American Thanksgiving. Her dad, the family chef, is second-generation, from ’40s Brooklyn, and the immediate family’s last Italian speaker.
  • St Cecilia.
  • Derb at Takimag: Waiting for Darwin. All true as long as you’re not deterministic, allowing for individual liberty.
  • Today in 1963. President Kennedy. He wasn’t what his father’s PR machine said (that said, I like the father’s America Firstism and the sons’ anti-Communism) and what most Catholics thought, so I would have voted for Nixon (me and Cardinal Spellman vs. the rest of the American church, which was working-class old Democrat), but of course he didn’t deserve to go like that. RIP.

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  1. Re: JFK

    I opine that JFK's greatness was manufactured by his (or his father's) media handlers. Camelot as myth, not reality. Had he lived, I don't think JFK would have been able to get his Civil Rights legislation passed. He lacked the political skills that LBJ had in abundance. No, I am not a LBJ fan at all! And yes, JFK didn't deserve to die the way he did.

    Would JFK have kept the U.S. out of Vietnam the way LBJ failed? I just don't know.

    Jim C.


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